3D Artist - Issue 55, 2013

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More tips about Humps

,,Humps in the Garden” cover image for the short movie -was published in 3dartist magazine issue 55.


3d artist 55

Tips about the work

3D Artist - Issue 55, 2013

Technical  things are as we know very important and could be complex in CG.

In Houdini I like artist-friendly kind of work where what we see is what we get.


Mantra is powerful renderer and in combination with environment and geometry lights

It can give fast and realistic results.


Some of complex houses made in Maya and a lot of them (simple ones) were made procedurally Houdini. Stone shader used a lot to give a stone dry look and above that I projected textures made in Photoshop. A lot of everything, experimenting and learning than cleaning and developing the forms and atmosphere.

I’m using Zbrush a lot in my daily work. For this image it was used for creating separate mountain parts, strong forms, displacement maps and quick textures. It’s as usually pleasure work in it.

Weird plant at the left  is one from Hieronymus Bosh world. Rest hints i leave to the viewer.

At the beginning idea was to build daily scene. Somewhere in the process changes were made and more interesting colors and contrast values won.

After rendering and combining complex geometries in to one part, scene was reduced to one geometry and one camera projection. Result was light scene and simplicity which helped a lot in rendering a sequence.

This sequence included in the Sidefx gallery



Keep it simple –I repeat to myself and to all who are making something. You must learn and know the software as a tool but art (form, atmosphere ,story etc) is what’s make the CG an Art.

grbe koncept4

One point more it’s not technical but… Because I haven’t got budget for the movie I did one shot that will attract attention to potential partners. So join us in our next adventures!

Humps in the garden

Thanks for your attention!



falling girl cover1

Falling girl

Falling girl

Girl jumps from the top of skyscrapers.
While slowly starts to fall she better understands the world and the people around her.
Everything is as usual. Day and night are shifting, people people enjoy at parties
in apartments she’s falling by.
From her perspective everything looks better, marvelous. Sunset behind the nearby river.
Miniature cars and people far below her.She has the feeling that she’s late.
Individuals without excitement are commenting  her fall.

Soon she realize that she’s not alone in the falling.

Will she arrive on time to discover the secret down there?


Full movie contact at


Devojka koja propada

Devojka skace sa vrha solitera.
Dok lagano pada pocinje da jasnije razume i svata svet i ljude oko sebe. Sve tece svojim tokom. Dana i noc se smenjuju,
ljudi sla ve u stanovima pored kojih pada.  Mnoge stvari joj iz te vizure izgledaju carobno. Sunce koje zalazi iza obliznje reke
i minijaturni automobili i ljudi daleko ispod nje. Ima osecaj da ce zakasniti. pojedinci bez uzbudjenja komentarisu njen pad.
Uskoro shvata da u padu nije sama.

Dali ce stici na vreme. Dali ce tamo dole otkriti tajnu?

falling girl cover1






making of the short film ,,Mice” it’s based on the same name story by Dino Buzzati.

More info at markokacanski.com

music by Ognjen Jovanovic and Shtrigaminestra


Being Dust

Being Dust

Being Dust

Short film about phantasmagorical life after death.

After life there is underworld full of creatures and plants. ,,All human effort isn-t worth more than one mutual , even unpredictable kiss between a plant and the sun’’. Film based on the story ,,Being Dust’’ by Santiago Dabove.

Young man tortured with a serious mental disease, who runs away from a psychiatric hospital, has accident on the field where he wishes to bury himself and become a plant.

While he is lying buried under the ground, he remembers phantasmagorical scenes from his recent past and present.

In the fantastic world that surrounds him in the ground where he lies buried      main character wishes to become a plant because plants have discovered the meaning of static and egoistic life.






Making off

MARKO KACANSKI director contact : minotaurproduction@gmail.com

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