Rest House 2016

Thank you All!
With your Votes Rest House is Greenlighted in Just 2 Weeks!
Wooohoooo! Soon you’ll be able to play it at Steam! link




Tnx. to the Rest House community, this game accomplish it’s first milestone – the steam green light fee.
Soon we’ll start to update these pages. Stay tuned at the markokacanski.com for the daily dev. streams. Game is in development for more than 2 years. And it’s still free. Try to find the links at mention sites. And vote for us because it can be interesting and never ending ride. Cheers & happy 2017 Ho ho ho!


-started VR version

RH VR version in short

A man touring ,,Cave’’ separates from his ,,guide’’ and becomes lost.
He is giving up hope of finding a way out in the pitch dark,
when he hears strange non-human footsteps approaching him.
Thinking it to be a lost beast, he picks up a stone and throws it toward the source of the sound.
The beast is hit and crumples to the floor. The guide finds the protagonist,
and together they examine the fallen creature.
The creature mutters in its last breaths and they see its face, discovering that it is in fact a pale,
deformed human, who had also become lost in the cave many years ago.


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Live Stream
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