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Baliverna level Garden Ending

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Finaly! After 3 long years Rest House is at Steam. All Aboard!


Thank you All!
With your Votes Rest House is Greenlighted in Just 2 Weeks!
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Tnx. to the Rest House community, this game accomplish it’s first milestone – the steam green light fee.
Soon we’ll start to update these pages. Stay tuned at the for the daily dev. streams. Game is in development for more than 2 years. And it’s still free. Try to find the links at mention sites. And vote for us because it can be interesting and never ending ride. Cheers & happy 2017 Ho ho ho!


New Twitch Play level….   here       rh-twitch-play


beast11       sound concepts for the ”Dopamine” here                   _____________________           different phases                                    watch

-our movies at IndieWise  more about soon.

-M.K. Was judge at the fest.     London indie fest


Our projects at  festivals 2016.    more about  here

Falling Girl

Ozarak shorts

-Near Nazareth Festival ( NNF)

FB NNF2016


Tiff video-challenge

Project has been selected as a semi-finalist in festival.
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-Playing and streaming  Bloodborne check the YT  playlist .


-New page at   (page is updated poorly )

YouTube gallery. New video every day!


Marko Kacanski​ was one of the judges 2016   for the  Meters International Film Festival     more at:


High times in Vienna. Great atmosphere and presentation.

Sported by the Unreal team  check out more at this link.    Video link. (RH presentation is at around 2:37 min.)


-Here you ca read RH presentation PDF.  Link

We’re happy to be part of the CEGC – Central European Game Conference.
There we’re presenting the project plans. More at CEGC site here.
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Rest House

My name is Marko Kacanski I am award winning director and owner of the ,,Studio don Quixote” . With more than 16 years in digital production I would like to introduce you the the  ,,Rest House’’ project.  

Game description:


“All wrong.” Game consists of five stories that are interconnected with mysterious characters and events. The main character is trying to discover the meaning each of them. He gets sucked in the events that will lead him to the strange places where he meets strange people, fairytale creatures and landscapes. More info’s at:





Welcome to the Rest House



Brief story descriptions.

There are 5 levels. Every level hase its own story and movie witch you can unlock if you reach the end. Rest House feature length movie can be unlocked if you end the game.


-Parking Masters

About the lords of the city parking.


-Falling girl

Girl jumps from the top of skyscrapers. While slowly starts to fall she better understands the world and the people around her. Soon she realize that she’s not alone in the falling. Will she arrive in time to discover the secret down there?



A young man comes to visit the old house by the river. A house is haunted by a crowd of mice. Guest along with a neighbor is trying to discover this strange phenomenon that the host cleverly hides. The truth lies in the basement below the house.

Humps in the garden

In the small house on the hill, after each death of a close friend in the garden appears a strange hump. Every day there is more humps. Surprised in front of the gigantic hump which show up that morning in the garden. He is looking at that strange world and thinking of such an interesting end…

Based on the stories by E.A.Po and Dino Buzzati.

Being Dust

After life there is underworld full of creatures and plants. ,,All human effort isn-t worth more than one mutual , even unpredictable kiss between a plant and the sun’’. Based on   the story ,,Being Dust’’ by Santiago Dabove.

Young man tortured with a serious mental disease, who runs away from a psychiatric hospital, has accident on the field where he wishes to bury himself and become a plant.  While he is lying buried under the ground, he remembers phantasmagorical scenes from his recent past and present.

In the fantastic world that surrounds him in the ground where he lies buried main character wishes to become a plant because plants have discovered the meaning of static and egoistic life.
ADS 01


01-Baliverna  level


-,,Rest House’’ game development process.


– It’s the first person puzzle mystery adventure.


-UE4 creative process is taken from the movie making experience.


-There is 7 min long video which is visually describing the atmosphere of the gameplay.

Teaser Link


-There are also You Tube playlist (link) with more than 400 videos. Those are

2 hour long videos saved from everyday project development live streams.


– From the movie to the game.


-game development process from the movie director point of view.

-Movie to game migration.

-Every day streaming process.

-Monetization. Last version of the game can be purchased at our site or HERE


-free version of the game can be downloaded at this link

-Interactive movie experience


-Rest House general campaign mail  Link.


02-Rh Garden level. There are 2 ways that you can play this level.

About the author:


Marko Kaćanski


Director from Novi Sad (Serbia), where he work and live. Graduated at the Art Academy in Novi Sad, the group for theater and film directing. Until now he succeeded in making five theater plays, more than 20, documentaries and the short movies. He is founder of ,,Minotaur Production” and ,, Studio Don Quixote’’.

With his friends in 2001 founded Independent Film Center KKNS and the Film Front Festival.

From 2006 he is working like director on the Television of Vojvodina where he directed more than 100 TV series. His occupations are game developments film and digital visual effects.

He’s making independent, movies and games and looking producers for “Don Quixote” project.

Some of the previous projects he worked at:

Sharks Night, 6 Dark Days, Apophenia, Zhucko

Worked in studios:



He got Certificates for Maya: Modeling, Rendering, Dynamics and Mel (Maya embedded language).

For 15 years he is mentor at least 3 digital international art workshop in a year where he’s educating children and youth.


RH project development


Started in 2014. It’s the sequel of our same name feature length movie which was shown at numerous fests around the world.  More about the project can be found at our site.

In short period of 2015 more than 10 000 players checked the ,,Rest House’’. Today number of players is still growing.

Impression are great. (More bellow).

Letter of interest.


Rest House daily live game development stream is also available at our site.
We’re opened for cooperative productions, distributors and all kind of people from business who want to be part of our network. ,,Studio don Quixote’’ is increasing  production and we need more co-producers and distributors.



In 2015 we achieved more than:
– 390 000 visits   at   our site
-10 000 viewers at Daily live streams:  TwitchLivecodingtv etc.
-100 000 views at You tube channel

and  growing Face book  and Twitter  pages.

If you’re interested to invest or work with us please let us know.     _____________________


Our budget depends on the government funds, investments and sponsors.

All other materials can be sent upon request.  One of the future plans is to improve platform early access offers.


-Ai system

Ai system can be complicated. We wanted to keep it simple and add a little bit of population and gameplay options. There are few characters based on the previous movie.




Mice Humps  level



Story driven game . In the game there are references to ,,Don Quixote’’ by  Miguel de Cervantes. Some of inspirations come from the dark, muddy places but also from bright adventures such are those from ,,Quixote’’. What we would like to see in future developments of RH (Rest House) is some kind of open world.


C++ and UE4 as some of you know works great together.

One of implementations in the ,,RH’’ are right mouse button click where you’re able to click and read some stuff about the objects in the game. That system is procedural and interesting because developer is able to add text about items and objects trough Microsoft Excel file.



Less scary than C++ are Blue prints. It’s nice and easy to learn visual scripting program where you can make whatever you want.

We’re using it a lot. For all kind of game play, menus, interaction etc.


At the end of each level there are short movies witch are explaining the back story.

If he beat the game player can go to the secret link and watch the whole feature length movie.

– Rest House is interactive project witch is growing from inside.


You’re playing as the main character we can call him Mr. Gary for

Now. Voice that floating through the air is telling you what to do.


Main character meets friend from his childhood.

The story begins with the unnamed narrator arriving at the house of his friend, having received a letter from him in a distant part of the country complaining of an illness and asking for his help. As he arrives, the narrator notes a thin crack extending from the roof, down the front of the house and into the river.

-Did we mentioned that the game can be downloaded for free?!

– If you buy full game you will get the latest version with the movie link and more gifts.

-Support the game buy watching our videos and leave feedback so we can improve the project.

-There are also for HTML5 and Java Script exported versions.

-AI Enemy

-Story driven mystery puzzle with some multiplayer options. Ai characters is running at you, and chasing you till you lose. So we can say that in one of the levels there are chasing game.

-Free open workshop

For everyone at the streaming channels and our website.

-story as the game is work in progress. Viewers at the streaming platforms are helping

in development by testing and comment the gameplay.

-We’re using high end professional standard programs and platforms. Some of them are Maya, Zbrush, mentioned Unreal Engine, Nuke, Adobe professional kit etc.

-We would like that player can be able to change environment, game eco system and himself when his playing like some of few different characters.

-Narrator is leading you through the levels and these whole interactive adventure. He is also helping you to find the way out.

                                                            -,,I am, my dust will be what I am.’’





From the real Rest House


Rest House is:

-redefying film art trough interactive modern games medium.

-it sets the player in active world witch can be changed upon his will.

-it’s visually interesting. We would like to make new trend, to set up new franchise witch will have strong impact in all the mediums. (movies, television, internet).

-We’re constantly educating new community members and supporters trough the international workshops and daily live streams.

-Our goal is that in the near future finish self-sustaining platform. From that youth will have the most benefits.

-There are 5 levels

You can chose among 5 different stories. At the end each of the levels you can unlock new achievement. With that you can go to the link and watch the unique short movie which is part of the game story.


From the Baliverna (first level)

Game Design:

Between the movie and the game-(future development)

Player chose and control one of the characters. So Gary also called the Wizard is presenting the unique level of interaction trough the game.

There are environment modifications. We want to make the system in which the players will use their resources in virtual environment.

-Educative character, peaceful moral options in the art form.

– Security Hacking

– Player is in front of the challenge of braking in to sophisticated security system.

-As the example trough the catacombs under the old fortress you can pass only with the security passwords from the previous level.

-Many more information’s about project and game development can be found at our site


more concepts


-Game is distributed over the few platforms:

Steam, Itch, Game Jolt, New Grounds, Amazon, and Humble Bundle.


-You tubers are playing our game and helping us a lot with that.


-Streaming platforms:


Livecoding, (many supporters, large potential and possible partnership).

Youtube gaming,



Some impressions from the game testers:


-Naveed_(UE promoter at Ue4 forum):

-The Bioshock inspiration shows, love it. Looking great, keep it up!


-Bilibilio: I really like the universe of your game



Marko this is phenomenal work.




-the work on the lighting is awesome makes really cool ambiances.



crazy level design, crazy mash-up of styles



Thank you, great work, nice graphics! i love it!



wow cool, you rock, nice game :)


-jdrinox: i like games in general and this one caught my attention because of all…

It really gives you a sense of weirdness, scariness and coziness at the same time


-Pageofswords: Looks pretty wacky and fun.

Fun! I like the atmosphere and the backwards rolling balls. 😛



I have to say that’s one of the nicest looking HTML 5 client renders I’ve seen to date



Best website HTML5. You can interpret the past for me?



this game is amazing

Your level looks like one of those impossible illusions drawings lol.


And there are much more…

Concepts for the cover page,





There are 4 levels that can be played in the browser, online. They’re platform independent. What is interesting that more then 10 000 players checked this versions in short period of time? Maybe this is because you can play instantly without need to download. Hope in the future browser web 3D games will be more optimized and powerful.



– Simple controls

-Complex Puzzles

-No Depth , no time-limit


Hope that this introduction is enough to catch your attention. We’re also hoping that you will try ‘’Rest House’’ because there are free version waiting for you.


All the best,


Marko Kaćanski  

director and CEO





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