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Goli Otok tv film u produkciji RTV

In 1949, the entire island was officially made into a high-security, top secret prison and labor camp run by the authorities of Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, together with the nearby Sveti Grgur island, which held a similar camp for female prisoners. Until 1956, throughout the Informbiro period, it was used to incarcerate political prisoners. These included known and alleged Stalinists, but also other Communist Party of Yugoslavia members or even nonparty citizens accused of exhibiting sympathy or leanings towards the Soviet Union. Many anticommunist (Serbian, Croatian, Macedonian, Albanian and other nationalists etc.) were also incarcerated on Goli otok. Non-political prisoners were also sent to the island to serve out simple criminal sentences[1][2] and some of them were sentenced to death.[3] The total number of prisoners and massacred victims is unknown but Vladimir Dedijer estimates 32,000 male prisoners in Goli otok only;[4] other historians estimates 4,000 killed.




VREDI ZNATI with Nemanja Grujin



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