Marko Kacanski short biography

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Award winning director from Novi Sad (Serbia), where he work and live. Graduated at the Art Academy in Novi Sad, the group for theater and film directing. Until now he succeeded in making five theater plays, more than 20, documentaries and the short movies. He is founder of ,,Minotaur Production” and ,, Studio Don Quixote’’.

From 2006 he is working like director on the Television of Vojvodina in Novi Sad where he directed more than 100 TV series. His occupations are game developments film and digital visual effects.

He’s making independent, movies and games and looking for producers for “Don Quixote” project.

Some of the previous works
-Sharks Night
-6 Dark Days
-and for the Movie about Radivojke Korac “Zhucko”

Worked in studios

For 15 years he is mentor at least 3 digital international art workshops in a year where he’s educating children and youth.


About Studio Don Quixote and Minotaur production  please read below.

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