Mice the movie

Director,editor and VFX: Marko Kacanski Roles: Lidija Stevanovic Strahinja Bojovic Marko Cvejic Marko Kacanski director of photography: Sinisa Ponjevic film realized with help of government of Vojvodina and friends Thanks MICE SYNOPSIS A YOUNG MAN COMES TO VISIT THE OLD HOUSE BY THE RIVER.A HOUSE IS HAUNTED BY A CROWD OF MICE. GUEST ALONG WITH A NEIGHBOR IS TRYING TO DISCOVER THIS STRANGE PHENOMENON THAT THE HOST CLEVERLY HIDES. THE TRUTH LIES IN THE BASEMENT BELOW THE HOUSE. done in Houdini, Maya, z brush, nuke etc. houdini, maya, zbrush, nuke


-9th Filmski Front
http://www.filmfront.rs/   http://filmfront.org/
https://www.facebook.com/filmvideomontecatini   IT
-Portobello Film Festival
http://www.portobellofilmfestival.com   UK
-Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival  France
-http://www.alternativefilmvideo.org/  Slovenia
-Balkan Snapshots Festival
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