Wizards- the movie


,,Wizards” at festivals

-We are happy to announce that  ,,Wizards” was shown at  “Broadway International Film Festival Los Angeles 2020” earlier this year our movie was also part of the “TheLiftOffSessions” festival network based in London (UK).

This is third festival for “Wizards”. Thank you!




Rest House 2
(Wizards of the game)
Movie about gaming phenomenon in Japan.
Award winning director is making new movie which will be produced and distributed by independent entertainment studio Don Quixote.

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After festival life movie will be distributed on major gaming and movie web platforms.
Movie is about gamers, game developers and game play phenomenon.

If you want to support this adventure you can subscribe at Studio Don Quixote you tube page or donate at patreon.com/Quixote.
This project got support from EU Japan Fest Committee.
There are also some other cultural funds which will help this project in action.

Main goal is to record art and game show footages. Main focus will be TGS (Tokyo Game Show) 2019 as the biggest game show in the world with more than 300 000 visitors each year.
Movie will then be cut down to follow few selected storylines.
,,Wizards’’ will show high level of personal expression that typically goes into truly independent games and movies.
Anxiety attacks gaming world.
“The wizards” is somewhere between game and the movie.
It will also cover: Cosplay phenomenon. Why people dress like their favorite game characters?
-How are Japanese art style is different?
-Hikikomori (loners of modern age).

  • The future of indie and triple A gaming
  • What kind of games gamers like to play and why?
    -Mashup art style.
    Any support will help this fresh intendent project. Watch live development, previous movies and games, and much more at the links bellow. Stay tuned…
    If you want to join this project you can contact us or join us at Tokyo Game Show 14 and 15th of September 2019. More about details upon request at minotaurproduction@gmail If you are artist, producer or actor join us….
    Links: Trailer Patreon More about soon at markokacanski.com Thank you!

Here you will find info about our game Wizard it’s the sequel of the Rest House.

More images can be found at this link – in the pdf file.

contact us at: minotaurproduction@gmail.com