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Rest House – NEW Feature & Game

-new wiki page
-new level Inland Kingdom available here

Dust CongratLow

-please vote at steam

-new blog theme
New Level RH5 is HERE, click to play!
-Alert live stream here every night at 22h. (ETC). If you miss you can watch latest stream left or here.

New platform for us!
you can watch movies and play our games at NewGrounds



Five stories with mysterious characters and events. The main character is trying to discover the meaning each of them.

Prototype became ALPHA!

PLAY HERE   in your Browser. You probably must login to   but don’t worry everything is Free!

Or download it HERE

-concept for the RH book
-below are shots from the RH2 (second level)

In the short period more than 8000 people checked the game

Some impressions:

I have to say that’s one of the nicest looking HTML 5
client renders I’ve seen to date

Best website HTML5. You can interpret the past for me?

this game is amazing

Your level looks like one of those impossible illusions drawings lol.

– pic. below from the Level 3
pay for the blasphemy 02

Instructions : if you are downloading, extract and click the index file. Play with WASD  keyboard keys.

Check it often we update it frequently…

try here!

Movies at the festivals:

NearNazareth film festival

May 19 – 31, 2016

spring and summer 2015 :

-Falling Girl- (short)

Cinema City (RS)

Varna film fest (BGR)

leg illusion
-Rest House-(feature)

-presentation at Cannes film fest (FR)

– Art Festival – Florida (USA)

->Europian FilM fest (Spain)


-Game development playlist

-,,Rest House” game publicity:

                          2015 Indie Expo

Please follow  Game development on twitch. Thanks!

Watch live video from kachanac on TwitchPromo!

Watch movie at:

R.H. making of video:


Proudly presents!
S ponosom predstavljamo!

Don Quixote proudly presents

Prototip ,,Kuce za odmor”
predstavljen na kanalu kompanije Epic Games
kao prva Html5 prijava u okviru takmicenja.

Pridruzite se ili igrajte na game prototype presented at Unreal GameJam,
as Very first Html5 submission!
Thanks.Join us or play at. jam rest house

Vise informacija na:

More at:…/weekly-twitch-recap-4-1-2015



03_Rest House Entrence to Baliverna


“All wrong.”

The film consists of five stories that are interconnected with mysterious characters and events. The main character is trying to discover the meaning of each of them. He gets sucked in the events that will lead him to the strange places where he meets strange people, fairytale creatures and landscapes.

Game prototype!              PLAY HERE           move with WASD key buttons

click the button below and wait about 3 minutes (open in new window).                 Enjoy!!

Join us… write us at



-Parking Masters

About the lords of the city parking.

Falling girl

Girl jumps from the top of skyscrapers.

While slowly starts to fall she better understands the world and the people around her.

Soon she realize that she’s not alone in the falling. Will she arrive in time to discover the secret down there?


A young man comes to visit the old house by the river. A house is haunted by a crowd of mice. Guest along with a neighbor is trying to discover this strange phenomenon that the host cleverly hides. The truth lies in the basement below the house.

Humps in the garden

In the small house on the hill, after each death of a close friend in the garden appears a strange hump. Every day there is more humps. Surprised in front of the gigantic hump which show up that morning in the garden. He is looking at that strange world and thinking of such an interesting end…

Based on the stories by E.A.Po and Dino Buzzati.



Feature ,,Rest House” presented at Belgrade Fest…/Industry-Fest-program-Fest-Forward.sht…

Vazno Obavestenje!
Dugometrazni igrani film Marka Kacasnkog ,,Kuca za odmor”
je ukljucen u Industry Fest program „Fest Forward”


Humble beginnings.


Delirium ride

Making of Delirium Ride pic- here.

Rest House test 2
wip-Unreal Engine 4


Concept gallery below.

Scene  made in UE4. – prototype for the Movie-game

Rest House



Listen movie and the game music ,,Diana goes to sleep” HERE

If you want to donate you can do that with the  button below.

Watch  this movie for 1 euro. Click below and support our next project. After payment you will get the password. Thanks!

Gledajte najnoviji film za 1 euro.

Kliknite ispod i podrzite nas sledeci projekat. Posle uplate dobicete lozinku. Hvala!

[skrill_simple amount=”1.00″ label=”Movie” description=”Marko Kacanski Movie” ]

Falling GIRL


…deep down in the ,,Rest House”…chewing gum2 chewing gum1Concepts for the movie.

Some of you can also get password to watch feature ,,Rest House”
Others can be seen at the links below:


house papers

rest house 10

rats life rest house concept 

Here are some early sketches for the next movie ,,Rest House”

rest House 7low

More images trough the link below.

flickr link

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