RH 2016 02


Invited to talk about our game in Vienna 17th of February!

See it HERE                                                                         Vienna RH 2016
See you there. More to come..

Presentation of the “Rest House” game development process. It’s the first person puzzle mystery adventure in the pre-alpha stage of development. UE4 creative process is taken from the movie making experience.

First RH trailer release watch HERE. 7 min long. Enjoy. :)


You can find even More about R H project at Rest_House_Wikia.    Click to see.  Aslo, you can edit that Wikia!

Wooho! First Donation goal reached!     If you want to donate second goal you can do it at the stream or simply by clicking at the left donation box.        Click to watch daily streams at :      Twitch  Livestreatv      YoutubeGaming         or   Hitbox            streaming every night at 22h (ETC)  &  during the day randomly.

We would like to thank again our amazing supporters :
-luuk – for the music
-inspirescu – for the donation
-jokeriske – 15$ donation and RH page
-pdogjunior for always been at the stream

and all of you for the follow, chat and support!

Rest House pre-alpha all in one HERE.   Happy New pre-Alpha! :)

click to PLAY for free

For few months more than 10 000 players checked the game.

These are some of the impressions:


Marko majstore, ovo je fenomenalan rad.

This is fenomenal work


-the work on the lighting is awesome

– makes really cool ambiances

mentroman, crazy level design
mentrothat is, crazy mash-up of styles


Thank you great work, nice graphics! i love it!

-zznitchzzoh wow cool
you rock
nice game :)

-jdrinox: i like games in general and this one caught my attention because of all
jdrinox: it really gives you a sense of weirdness, scaryness and cozyness at the same time

Pageofswords: Looks pretty wacky and fun.

Fun! I like the atmosphere and the backwards rolling balls. 😛
I have to say that’s one of the nicest looking HTML 5
client renders I’ve seen to date

Best website HTML5. You can interpret the past for me?
this game is amazing
Your level looks like one of those impossible illusions drawings lol.

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