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Studio Don Quixote  was established to achieve the objectives in the field of cinema – the production of short and feature films; educate members through film workshops, to raise the level of film culture and for organizing a film festivals.

Objectives of the studio are: promotion of film culture, promotion of the film, education of citizens, especially children and youth in filmmaking,

the festival organizing an independent short film festival.

Studio Don Quixote  produced over 25 short and some long fiction, documentaries 3d animation movies and games.

Studio Don Quixote:

– Through its production affirm the work of young filmmakers;

– Organizes, alone or in community with other organizations, film workshops and other

forms of education in the field of education filmmakers;

– Print publications (brochures, pamphlets, posters, books, etc.) in the field of occupation

of the Association;

– Organize a festival of small and independent film;

– Cooperate with other associations, relevant government bodies and other legal

entities and individuals at home and abroad.

more info. at:  http://www.markokacanski.com/


Marko Kaćanski

director  and CEO




Projects in development

How I become Travolta teaser

for the movie in development…

Film about Serbian Travolta who is afraid that he`s in the dusk of career.He stops with dancing and his wife urged him to start with singing.Travolta believes that he`s finally found himself and that he will get rich with the music.He wants to publish his first album but soon encounters obstacles in the world of show businesses. At the end of the failure he get disappointed, leaves a wife and becomes introverted.Then moves from Belgrade to Novi Sad where he finds a spiritual peace.In a rented old house on the Danube Travolta spend his time fishing, writing and thinking of something that might get him back to the scene.He soon gathered around him a new creative guerrilla group and gets an idea how to plan his “Come Back.

On the way to success Serbian Travolta experiencing the most fabulous things in his past life.His struggle for a new place in today society becomes interesting for the artists and others when he sets his goal in public.He wants his wife back and to return at the media scene.At the end of the adventure he meets other Travolta.Is that the reel one?His struggle for a new place in today society becomes interesting for the artists and others when he sets his goal in public. He wants his wife back and to return at the Balkan media scene. At the end of the adventure he meets other Travolta. Is that the reel one?


Join us in our movie and game creations.

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Don Quixote project

Here you will find interesting stuff about our new exiting Don Quixote project. Stay tuned…

How I Become Travolta






,,The wizard” was presented at Eave workshop




Watch some of our earlier  works :





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